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In Memoriam


Bárbara B. de Gómez

Barbara Baer, born in the USA, took part for the first time in a program of The Experiment in International Living to France in 1939.

In the 1940’s she traveled to Mexico, where she came back to live later and where she met the man who would become her husband, Arturo Gomez. In 1952, Donald Watt, founder of EIL met her in Mexico City where she was working as an international conference organizer and interpreter.

He urged her to turn her efforts to strengthening the Mexican EIL. Since then and with the unconditional support of her husband, Barbara devoted the rest of her professional life to an organization that recognizes that all individuals, despite their cultural differences, can learn to live together and respect each other.


In 1980, Barbara B. de Gomez was awarded the Aguila Azteca, the highest recognition given by the Mexican Government to a foreigner, for her efforts to promote the Mexican culture in the world. In 1982, the EIL Federation granted her with the Experiment Citation because of her dedication to building world peace through programs which promoted cultural understanding.

Throughout her life this pioneer in the field of intercultural and educational exchanges opened countless windows to the world for Mexicans as well as people from many other countries. Her work touched and changed the lives of thousands of people and we all now remember her with respect and admiration. Barbara B. de Gomez passed away in December 5, 2005 due to heart problems. We dedicate our work and achievements to her memory.