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Spanish in Mexico


Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish or improve your language skills by attending one of our total immersion programs in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Zacatecas!

Our courses combine innovative techniques and teaching methods designed to promote rapid advancement in your ability to speak Spanish. Our schools are noted for their warm and friendly atmosphere. And of course Mexican host families are noted for their warm welcome.

All will help you to discover cultural insights and  experiences in daily life inaccessible to simple visitors or tourists.  This opportunity will enrich your knowledge of the Spanish language and Mexican culture and daily life.

Our General Spanish programs cost include:

  • Daily classes in small groups (or one-to-one attention if specified)
  • School fees
  • Books and materials, if specified
  • Extracurricular activities organized by the schools
  • Access to school facilities
  • Homestay placement
  • Half board
  • Administrative fee